Winner or Loser - Winning Over Basic Youth Conflicts

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Sept. 22, 1-4 pm - Life Resources Book Store
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Sept. 29, 10 am - 4 pm - Health and Wellness Fair- Tonawanda First Presbyterian Church, 149 Broad Street.

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Lakewood Church - Houston (Guest of Craig Keeland)

Mark with Dodie Osteen:

Mark with Craig Keeland & Publisher, Terry Minke at Lakewood Church:

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Speaking Engagements Highlights:

Aug. 29, Tonawanda, NY ISD - 300+ Faculty & Staff

Tonawanda High School - Grades 9-12

Tonawanda, NY ISD - Middle School 6th Grade

Tonawanda, NY ISD - Middle School 7-9 Grade

Tonawanda First Presbyterian Church

Fletcher Elementary School - Students & Staff - (Bullying, Respect & Shooting for ther Stars)

Tonawanda, NY: Teen Author Mark W. Metzger Publishes His First Book!

Mark’s inspiration for writing his book came to him after having experienced many of the difficulties and hard choices a youth has to make during his school years. Having been a victim of bullying, Mark was motivated to start reaching out to other classmates who themselves were considered “losers” and less fortunate or picked on by others. His caring attitude expanded beyond school into his life where he continues to apply the Biblical principles he learned and is still learning with his relationships with his family, his friends and others. Subjects addressed in this book include:

Bullying • True Friendship • Faith • Acts of Kindness • Stereotyping • Criticism • Being A Role Model • Respecting Others Trust • Hope • Helping Others Feel Confident • A “Can Do” Attitude • Loving Life


"Mark's book would make a great gift for any teenager you know and should be "required reading" for every teenager in your household. Written by a youth for your youth, in a language they'll understand!"

Terry Minke - CIS Publishing

"Mark, God Bless You! I know great things are in store. Congrats on the book! Looks great. All the Best."

Pastor Joel Osteen - Lakewood Church, Houston, TX

"Dear Mark,

Thank you so much for your book it was fabulous and I loved it. It could touch so many people. Thank you so much for the flowers you sent me. They are so pretty and they are by my fireplace for everyone to enjoy! Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

God Bless

Dodie Osteen - Lakewood Church, Houston, TX

Great for Civic & Christian Youth Groups, School Social Studies Classes, Required Reading for Trouble Youth Programs and much more. A great guidebook with "Action Plans" for youth and subjects that will help adults who want to know more about the world their teenagers are experiencing in today's "social media" environment.

Available in Paperback
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As low as $7.95 per book

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National Press Release - August 15, 2012:

Marketwire: Multiple "Divine Appointments" Led the Way for Christian Youth to Publish His First Book at Age 19

Additional Quotes from readers:

Little did I know that when the Lord had us meet for the first time at Joel Osteen's "Night of Hope" in Orlando, FL with over 18,000 in attendence that His "Divine Appointment" for us would lead you to publish your first book.

Thank you for sending me your completed book. I know you must be extremely proud of this achievement and the valuable tool it will be for other teens. I am enjoying reading it and have given a copy to my teenage son Chase. Your words are a reminder of the gifted and insightful young man that you are with a vision of reaching out to other teens to encourage, teach and lead them.

Again, I am very glad to have met you and pleased that the Lord put us together against all odds.

My Best Always,

Craig Keeland - President & CEO, CK Management, Inc.


Hi Mark:

I am friends with Marla Bagarozzi and she loaned me her book "Winner or Loser."  I wanted to compliment how well it was written.  I particularly liked how you applied scriptures and inspirational messages to take a bad situation and remind the world of the good that can come from it.  I am so proud that for such a young man you have the in site you do and the love to want to help people understand how it feels to be bullied.  I wish there were more people like you that reached out to a person that felt alone like the boy in your book that would have killed himself.  That was so sad but look how well it turned out that you reached out and told him you were his friend.  It seems so easy to do that but I think alot of people are afraid of being rejected or mad fun of to reach out sometimes.

My 13 year old daughter had a been victim to some bullying when she went to the 6th grade.  It was really sad but her dad and I had to coach her on how to deal with it hoping it would make things better not worse.  It worked...THANK GOD!  It is really hard seeing someone you love have to be singled out in a mean way or embarrassed. 

Your book is an inspiration and very truthful.  I hope it is taught in my church one day soon.  I am a member of Bayside Community Church in Bradenton Florida.  We have a great team of Pastors, I will suggest your book and hope they bring it to the youth at our church.

Thank you and the best for a successful life!  Many blessings!

Jerilynn Chapin

From Mark's Facebook Page:

I just finished your book. How inspiring! The world would be a better place if we had more mark metzgers in it. I see the ministry in your future! Congratulations! Sue Cavanagh Reich

I have enjoyed reading your wonderful book, and sharing some of the fabulous information and stories with others. It has brought back some unpleasant memories from the past, but has given me the courage to become more involved in "speaking up" on behalf of those who suffer needlessly, Believe me, I have spoken up and followed through on some pertinent bullying issues in my neighborhood recently and felt VERY GOOD about it!!! I hope this becomes required reading for many, many groups of people and helps to put a stop to this cruel, unnecessary behavior! Terri Kaplin Grundy

Mark, I was blown away by your book and speech. There needs to be more Mark Metzger's in the world. - Amy Squires, Teacher

Your book is wisdom for all ages , not just for teens... could be called lessons in civility...It is sure to touch 1 life a day and maybe every minute. Powerful stories! Debora Wild

This is just the beginning of your book & story making a difference, having a positive impact, and changing the lives of individuals who read it! You are a true angel!!!!!!!!! Melissa Frawley

Mark, just wanted to tell you that I think that your book rocks!!!!! Thanks for honoring God in such a wonderful way! You are out-a-sight! :-) Pamela Stone Rojas

Just finished the book and impressed with his spiritual maturity. I can't help but wonder how great adolescence could be for teenagers if they saw the world like Mark. It also reminded me of the great responsibility I have as a teacher to really have a positive impact on my students. In fact, I plan taking a main theme from the book and making it a point of discussion in the classroom each month. On a side note he should consider making a shorter workbook version of this where he expands the "plan of action" section. Add some questions, space to make notes, reflections, timeline, etc. Then that could be marketed to youth groups! Just a thought. Dawn Kerestine Minke - Teacher Keller ISD

Just got a call from a book store locally saying there will be a book signing in the fall/winter for my book Winner or Loser and telling me that “one story touched his heart so much he volunteers his time ... at a prison and read the chapter about true friendship to the inmates. Also, stating that a young man who is being released very soon came up to him as he was leaving and said “after I heard that story something took root in my heart and said “I am not giving up on myself and I am going to turn my life around after I get out and going to help as many people as I can when I get out of here.” You never know what your story might mean to someone else! Mark Metzger, Author

Mark, Just wanted to take a second to tell you how proud I am of you. I read a lot of the book and it is very powerful. I am going to use some of the passages with my basketall team. Great job!
Mr. Hughes (Mark's Government Teacher in High School)

I just finished reading your book and I would like to thank you for helping me realize so many great things in my life that I often overlook. Countless times through out your book, I would think about how I can better my life and as well as improving others.  Your book helped me to realize life's not all about working and money, something that I have an issue with.  But rather to enjoy the everyday moments in life. Not only by reading your book have you helped me, but as long as we've been friends you've been there.  I remember the toughest years of my life when I didn't feel like I had any friends becuase of my voice problems. People looked at me different and my greatest "friends" avoided me.  But you, Mark, were always there no matter what dispite my differences, that's a true friend! Thank you, Mark, for being one of my best friends, I am truly blessed to have a friend like you not only be there for me but also help guide me through the journey of life.
Josh - a classmate

Hello Mark!

First of all, I would like to tell you how very much I enjoyed meeting you at your latest book signing on Saturday.  You are a Very Special person.  A remarkable young man who is wise beyond his years.   Your smile lights up the room.  I loved your book and I agree that it is for all ages. 

I found something in your book that I can relate to, and that is verbal abuse.  Verbal abuse can be more damaging than physical abuse, sometimes.  The scars are on the inside where they can't be seen.  I was fortunate to have a mentor in my life then, that graduated from Princeton with a Doctorate in Psychology.  He helped me through a very difficult time.  He suggested that I picture an invisible shield surrounding me to ward off the hateful, mean, and hurtful words that were being thrown at me.  After a while, I could literally picture the words bouncing off the shield, and I felt calm, because the words could not penetrate the shield and hurt me. 

There are so many "jewels" of wisdom in your book.  I agree with the teacher,  Amy Squires, that there should be more Mark Metzger's in this world.  It sure would be a much better place.   I look forward to reading your next book Mark.  I see you using your God-given talents to help and nurture many people!  I wish you well in all of your endeavors.

Sincerely, Debbie Misner 


Mark, You are amazing. We read your book and thoroughly enjoyed it. We are sure it will be a huge success. You have grown into a fine young man. We are blessed to know you. Keep up the good work! My friend was thrilled to get a copy of your book!

Mr & Mrs. McGee.