Storms of Tribulation The Depression Years
A Novel by Jim Kent with historic value based on his memoirs of "roads less traveled" in the heartland of America during The Great Depression.

     Most of what historians have given us and schools have taught us about "The Depression Years" have been recounted from the viewpoint of what happened in and around the big cities.
     Jim, alias Ian Rivers, with his dog, Toby recount the days of tribulation in and around Winfield, KS, the heartland of America, during The Great Depression.
     The farmers, small town folks, and other middle Americans were mostly left to fend of themselves. A whole new class of transients called "Hobos" were created by this economic tragedy in the early 1930's.
     The characters Jim encounters on the road of life less travelled are colorful, sometimes crude and often comical. Many of life's lessons are learned by Ian at the "ole swimming hole" which helped to shape the character of the gentlemen and war hero who became the author.
     Jim's coloquial style of writing draws us back in time to the "good old days" in a myriad of memories that reminds us that those days were not so "good" after all.

545 Pages of pure literary pleasure reminescent of another great literary masterpiece "Uncle Remus."

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Terry Minke